Did you see?

The cover for Acting Up is here!

So…before I talk about book stuff, this has been a wild couple of weeks. I live outside (and usually work in) Washington, D.C. My office is blocks from the Capitol. In amongst everything that I am excited about in terms of publishing my first book, I am also deeply concerned about how we’re going to get through as a country. Not get back to where we were, because that wasn’t a good place for far too many people. But forward. How we’re going to have a reckoning, an accounting, and a real healing of our nation. I’ve seen calls for “unity and healing” that ignore the facts that a.) we’ve never been a united nation, and b.) in order to heal a wound you need to examine, clean, and treat it. Not ignore it.

We need to do that work.

Okay. Now to book stuff.

Late last year, I saw a tweet from Silvana Reyes, who frequently writes reviews and other content for Frolic, saying that she was looking to do more cover reveals in 2021. I direct-messaged her lickety-split and we soon agreed to get Acting Up’s cover reveal on the site.

Yesterday was the day! The post is up and now I can share the newly-revealed cover with you all, designed by the incredibly skilled Marika Bailey.

I also got an unexpected email last Saturday - I’ll give you the gist:

Acting Up is a charming visit to the hard work and sometimes over-the-top drama of the world of professional theatre. Adele Buck’s delightful cast of characters is not only diverse, inclusive, and welcoming, but the genuine warmth and heart of her storytelling evokes the lovely sensation of being surrounded by familiar, loyal friends. This friends-to-lovers story is the first book in the Center Stage series, and I can’t wait for more!

– Suzanne Brockmann, New York Times Bestselling Author

Yes, that is from none other than The Suz Brockmann. She read Acting Up and not only liked it, she gave me three promo quotes!

One is now on the back cover of the print version (thanks for the last-minute adjustment, Marika!), one is on the “Praise for” page inside all editions, and the one above is the third one. I am thrifty, y’all.

You may or may not know that Suz is a hero of mine, both for her books and her activism. We’d chatted a bit on Twitter and then I met her and got to spend time with her and her fantastic family at RWA in 2017:

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(This was just after we met for the first time in the hotel lobby: she turned, recognized me, her face lit up, and I promptly burst into tears.)

My mom asked if Mr. B had to revive me after getting her email. I informed her that I was deceased and that my soul was texting her from the beyond.

For those of you who don’t use Amazon or want a print copy, preorders should now be available on all e-platforms and print, or available as soon as the files process at the various vendors!

Just six days until Acting Up is out in the world!