Yes, this is my very first newsletter.

Hi! Hihihi! Thank you for subscribing to The Deal With Adele. My friend Kate Clayborn may remember that I jokingly said this would be my newsletter name years ago - well, she probably doesn’t. It was years ago. Anyway, I went and named it that.

When you signed up, I promised to only send newsletters when I had, well, you know. News.

And I have news! Two pieces of news, in fact! My debut, Acting Up, is available for preorder on Amazon! Yes, additional outlets will be forthcoming, but the Titanic of publishing was my test run. No cover yet (also forthcoming - to be revealed in newsletter #2, no doubt). E-book preorders will get the book for $0.99, with the price going up to $2.99 on January 22, 2021. It will also be available in paperback.

Now that I’ve used up a lifetime’s supply of exclamation points, here’s the cover copy. Second news item follows below…

The stage is set for the play of a lifetime: but it’s the romantic drama backstage that has everyone applauding.

Paul and Cath are the perfect creative team. He’s an up-and-coming theater director and she’s his unflappable, rock-steady stage manager.

If Cath’s had to bury her unrequited affection for Paul for ten long years to keep things professional, it’s just the price she pays for a career she loves, working with her best friend by her side.

Until he hires her old nemesis as the leading lady for a new play that’s their chance to make it big.

Handling temperamental actors is one thing, but watching this diva throw herself at Paul makes Cath miserable. It’s another complication when the leading man shows his attraction to her. Suddenly, an unexpected new job offer seems like a good idea.

But then Paul upends her world by declaring his love and sparking a passionate encounter.

It’s both a dream come true and a nightmare as Cath is convinced that personal and professional relationships don’t mix and getting involved could jeopardize the play—and both their careers.

Can Paul flip the script and set the stage to convince Cath otherwise or is their love always destined to wait in the wings?

Okay. The second piece of news? …Is that the book was blurbed by none other than the lovely and hilarious Lucy Parker.

Thanks to Lucy for saying such kind, wonderful things. I hope her words entice you to read mine.

See you next time when (hopefully) I have a cover to share!