It was Adele. In the office. With the laptop.

Re: the subheader... It is a truth universally acknowledged that an Adele in possession of a keyboard will make a Clue joke (oh, and I guess also a Pride and Prejudice joke). And Acting Up is here! It’s here! My theatre nerds are out in the world!

To go back to my Clue joke, my home office where I’ve written many a manuscript is now my…OFFICE. The tiny room that used to be my creative space has been my day job office since March. Partially as a result of this, my creative output since then has been…well, it’s been NOT GREAT, BOB.

Thankfully, I already have rather a lot of material to put into the pipeline. Method Acting, the second book in the Center Stage Series will be out later this year. That’s Alicia’s story. She is a tertiary character in Acting Up who strode to center stage and demanded her happy ending.

Who am I to argue? She’s very bossy. I like her a lot.

Third up is Acting Lessons. Freddie And James’ second chance, even later this year.

Last in Center Stage will be Fast Acting, two characters from Method getting their own happily ever at…spoiler alert: Alicia’s destination wedding (I told you she was bossy).

Meanwhile, I truly hope you enjoy Acting Up. And if you’re of a mind to give an honest review on Goodreads or the retail site of your choice (or both! copy and paste!). Reviews (good and bad) help readers determine whether or not a book is for them and they are of enormous value.

If you haven’t picked up a copy, it is available nearly everywhere ebooks are sold as well as in paperback. If you like, you can also request that your library order a copy. And it is available electronically in libraries who have Overdrive and will (hopefully soon) be on Hoopla as well.

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