The Deal is on the move.

TL;DR - if you didn't get a real newsletter from me today, check your spam filter. Thanks.

Hello friend -

I chose Substack as my newsletter platform for a bunch of reasons back in December when I was making that decision. I had several friends who maintained their newsletter here and I liked the simplicity of it.

About a month ago, Substack proactively reached out to a handful of people, offering to pay them to write their newsletters from here. That included some people I consider to be exceedingly toxic and bigoted people. Instead of being a “neutral” platform (I’ll skip the musings on whether or not a platform can ever be truly neutral), it had turned publisher. And in so doing it made some decisions about whose voices should be amplified. Voices I don’t want to support and would hate to be associated with.

I waited for a bit to see if they’d reverse course. They did not. Not wanting to be associated with a platform/publisher that would do this (and having the freedom to change my provider), I opened an account with a different platform, learned how they operate and moved The Deal there. You should have received my newsletter today - if it isn’t in your inbox, please check your spam.

Thanks for sticking with me.